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VANIG The Future Of Shopping

A common problem in the world of e-commerce
As we know that we live in the digital era, in every activity does not escape from digital activity and even if want to buy something can be done through the internet.

But when it comes to e-commerce a person can not just believe it. Due to the fact many frauds are done through e-commerce (online market).

Many sellers are using photo items that do not fit the original, and even buyers do not have full access to products that sell by sellers so the online shopping experience is frightening to people who have never tried it.

And even the seller would have felt harmed by the traditional system of e-commerce (online market) is.

Solutions from Vanig platform
By utilizing blockchain technology, Vanig Ecosystem will be able to minimize the above mentioned fraud cases and make the online shopping experience even more interesting.

Consumers will have access to products sold, and consumers can also see reviews of the products being sold.
And of course the seller will get a reward that is worth the results of his work.

And no less fun the seller can pay for the product he wants to buy using Vanig Token.

  • Pre sale will be held on 23 July 2018-6 August 2018
  • Bonus: 30%
  • Hardcap: $5m
  • Sell stage 1 will be held on 7 August 2018-16 August 2018
  • Bonus: 25%
  • HardCap: $5m
  • Sell stage 2 will be held on 17 August 2018-26 August 2018
  • Bonus: 20%
  • HardCap: $4m
  • Sell stage 3 will be held on 27 August 2018-5 September 2018
  • Bonus: 10%
  • HardCap: $2m
  • Sell stage 4 will be held on 6 September 2018-15 September 2018
  • Bonus: 5%
  • HardCap: $1m

  • Sell stage 5 will be held on 16 September 2018-25 September 2018
  • Bonus: 5%
  • HardCap: $1m

More Information About Vanig

Information About Me
Bitcointalk Username: LUGHUL

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Hi everyone, meet me again here, For today I would like to discuss an excellent initial coin offering to be included in your investment consideration that is 4NEW. To make friends easy in making decisions I will try to make a review for you loyal readers skyseventh website about this initial coin offering from various aspects of excellence and disadvantages. My intent and purpose for reviewing the initial coin offering areas your consideration in making your investment decision.
In terms of making decisions and joining the initial coin offering, there are several things that must be considered include the following: the first seen who the team and advisor experienced or not. Second, see the project makes sense or not at all and the three check social media team and advisory if necessary send a message to him and ask about his project. The above three things are very important to be known by everyone who wants to participate in the initial coin offering.
Therefore, reviewing it before participating in the initial coin offering is necessary to minimize the possibility of an initial coin offering failed or even fraud.

Number: 62674053

A blockchain-based ecosystem in which energy generated by a renewable, renewable or nonrenewable power plant or Waste to Energy technology, is applied to digital assets, digital protocols or smart contracts for delivery to cryptocurrency mining.

Digital assets or smart contracts will act as a measure of the amount of electricity consumed to produce 1 unit of cryptocurrency mined. The power plant serves as the main node where all the electrical output of several power plants flows in a centralized or decentralized general ledger that flows into the value of electricity to various mining farms globally.


We throw 2.12 billion tonnes of global waste every year, growing 3% annually - this means we will double our waste production in 25 years.

The world's energy supply is about 80 percent dependent on fossil fuel energy. The IEA predicts an increase in global energy demand of 50-60% and a 50% increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The growth of crypto-mining energy consumption is exponential. As of March 31, 2018, 1 Bitcoin transaction spends as much as 30.5 US households during the day, this is a 500% increase since September 2017.

                                                       EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS

Each of our factories takes 50,000-100,000 tons of waste annually, processing it with environmentally friendly methods, to create electricity. Gate costs offset plant operating costs, allowing for free electricity production.

The electricity we produce is constant, year-round, and can be adapted to any location by human activity. Electricity is sold to national networks or applied to operate mining processes at on-site mining quarries

4NEW is the world's first eco-friendly environmental blockchain ecosystem powered by waste for power generation. The 4New ecosystem will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions where energy production can directly meet global energy consumption.

                                      We are the energy producer,
                                 Not an energy exchange platform.

The Waste to Energy (WTE) power plant serves as a dynamic solution with a history of over 115 years to address two social & environmental crises; Excess Waste & Lack of Energy. In addition, other renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydro all depend on the availability of natural resources; garbage is available everywhere. Revenue generated from wastewater treatment operates the plant on a break-even point. Therefore, the energy produced is free. This free energy can be sold to the national network or consumed.

Waste Process Best
With two operations Waste for power generation Energy generates 10 megawatts per hour and a third site identified for operational launch in 2019, 4NEW is positioned to activate the blockchain ecosystem with mining this summer. Production finally meets Consumption.

Support of qualified partners is essential to enhance corporate openness, With a wide range of partnerships 4NEW has worked with several big companies that benefit all parties for mutual cooperation, so to target the success of the 4NEW project is very easy to achieve. What's more, the company that has been successful already has a lot of community, of course, will greatly help the success of 4NEW?

For the distribution of 4NEW tokens is divided into several distribution groups as described in the following table:

Token sales will be divided into several parts of sales to increase and the exclusivity of the sale itself. In terms of a very good marketing strategy applied in the following table:

All the more easy to do especially 4NEW have a solid team and the best in their field, therefore what is expected in the achievement will be obtained easily what if the sale of initial coin offering can be successful and of course we hope success.

The 4NEW roadmap has been successfully executed in half and part of it will be completed once the initial coin offering has been successfully done.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.
For more info you can visit the following sites:

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Cara Beli SUMOKOIN Sebelum Listing pada Market Indodax

Assalamualaikum, Salam sejahtera untuk kita semua. Setelah lama saya tidak update, sekarang saya update lagi tentang topik yang populer minggu ini. Topik populer minggu ini yang sedang diperbincangkan dalam dunia cryptocurrency khususnya di indonesia adalah SUMOKOIN yang akan dilisting pada market indodax.

Berita SUMOKOIN yang akan listing pada market indodax sudah resmi diumumkan oleh pihak indodax sendiri. Deposit sumokoin mulai dibuka pada tanggal 16 juli 2018 jam 9.00 WIB (GMT +7). Sedangkan trading SUMOKOIN akan dibuka pada jam 15:00 WIB (GMT +7).

Ada baiknya sebelum mengikuti trading sumokoin anda harus memiliki akun indodax, tradeogre, dan cryptopia. Jika belum memiliki akun indodax daftar disini. Jika belum memiliki akun cryptopia silahkan daftar disini. Jika belum memiliki akun tradeogre silahkan daftar disini.

Lalu bagaimana cara untuk membeli SUMOKOIN?
Momen listing ini biasanya sering digunakan oleh trader untuk mengambil keuntungan. Caranya adalah membeli KOIN yang akan di listing pada market lain sebelum harga naik (pump). Setelah membeli koin yang akan dilisting pada market lain anda bisa memindahkan koin tersebut pada saat jam deposit dibuka. Istilah memindahkan koin karena perbedaan harga ini biasanya disebut dengan arbitrase.

Membeli sumokoin ada dua pilihan market potensial tanpa perlu verifikasi identitas. Market yang saya rekomendasikan adalah market cryptopia dan tradeogre. Berikut langkah-langkah membeli koin SUMO pada market cryptopia dan tradeogre.
1. Siapkan modal dalam bentuk bitcoin atau dogecoin.
2. Kirim modal berupa bitcoin atau dogecoin tadi ke market tradeogre atau cryptopia. 
3. Jika kirim btc anda bisa langsung beli sumo koin dengan masuk ke menu exchange/market. Jika kirim menggunakan dogecoin, anda bisa mengkonversi deogecoin menjadi btc dulu (market tradeogre), atau langsung buy dengan doge (market cryptopia).
4. Buy SUMOKOIN pada posisi 0.00015-0.00016 btc per sumokoin. Kalo dapat harga lebih murah lebih bagus.
5. Simpan sementara pada market tersebut sampai menu deposit sumokoin pada market indodax dibuka pada tanggal 16 juli 2018 jam 9:00 WIB. Pada senin jam 9:00 tanggal 16 juli silahkan kirim sumokoin dari market tradeogre atau cryptopia tadi ke indodax.
6. Silahkan anda bersiap pada layar untuk menjual sumokoin setelah harga naik.
7. Biasanya saat trading dibuka harga bisa naik 50-100%. 
8. Jual sumokoin setidaknya pada harga 18000-20000 rupiah. Karena harga beli 0.00015-0.00016 seatara 14000-15000 idr.

Prediksi Harga SUMOKOIN pada market Indodax setelah dilisting.
Berdasarkan pengalaman storiqa (STQ) dan daex, sumokoin berpotensi berada pada harga minimal 20.000 rupiah dan kemungkinan bisa mencapai harga 50.000 IDR. Alasannya karena sirkulasi koin sumo hanya ada 6 juta koin, total suplai 14 juta koin dan maksimal suplai 88 juta koin. Koin yang berpotensi beredar sementara ini hanya 14 juta koin sedangkan maksimal suplai tidak akan digunakan untuk saat ini.

Kamu bisa mempercayai prediksi ini, atau kamu juga bisa tidak mengikuti jika merasa ragu. Resiko trade sumokoin ini tentunya ada. Jadi anda harus siap dengan segala resiko dari trading.

Terima kasih telah berkunjung, semoga artikel ini bermanfaat. Selamat mencoba semoga sukses saudaraku.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Harga Bitcoin Dibawah 100 Juta, Saat Yang Tepat Untuk Beli Bitcoin?

Tren penurunan harga bitcoin sudah dimulai sejak awal januari 2018. Hingga bulan juli tren penurunan ini terus berlanjut. Harga bitcoin saat ini dikisaran 6000-6500 USD atau dalam kurs rupiah dikisaran 90-95 Juta per bitcoin. Apakah diposisi ini sudah aman untuk membeli bitcoin untuk jangka panjang? Simak ulasan dari saya.

Memang dari awal januari hingga awal juli 2018 bitcoin terus mengalami penurunan akibat dari beberapa berita negative seperti MT GOX yang menjual simpanan bitcoinnya. Titik terendah bitcoin pada tahun 2018 adalah pada harga 81 juta. Yang menjadi pertanyaan apakah bitcoin akan terus turun atau malah kembali naik di akhir tahun?

Menurut prediksi beberapa sumber bitcoin akan mengalami titik terendahnya pada posisi 4800 USD atau  pada posisi 68-70 juta per bitcoin dan itu belum terjadi hingga saat ini.Bagaimana sikap anda terhadap prediksi ini?

Bagi kamu yang memiliki modal yang sengaja untuk kamu alokasikan untuk trading bitcoin ada baiknya anda memasang jaring bertahap untuk pembelian bitcoin ini. Market yang saya rekomendasikan adalah  market indodax. Jika belum memiliki akun indodax bitcoin silahkan daftar akun indodax disini.

Akun indodax membutuhkan verifikasi identitas (KTP) dan foto selfi. Setelah verifikasi silahkan depositkan saldo untuk melakukan pembelian bitcoin.
Teknik Effisiensi Pembelian Bitcoin
Seperti yang saya sebutkan di atas untuk pembelian anda membutuhkan strategi jaring bertahap. Teknik ini adalah teknik paling effisiensi untuk pembelian bitcoin dan altcoin seperti ethereum, litecoin dan coin lainnya.

Teknik jaring bertahap adalah teknik pembelian bertahap dengan jumlah yang sudah ditentukan dalam persenan. Misalnya kita memiliki dana 100 Juta rupiah. Kita akan membeli bitcoin untuk jangka panjang. Berikut penjelasan teknik jaring bertahap untuk pembelian bitcoin dengan modal 100 juta.

  1. Langkah pertama tentukan persenan untuk tingkatan pembelian. Misal kita gunakan 5% modal untuk setiap tingkatan. 5% dari 100 juta adalah 5 Juta. Maka setiap tingkatan kita pasang pembelian dengan alokasi dana 5 juta. Berarti kita memiliki 20 tingkatan. Rumus tingkatan = Jumlah modal/persenan yang kita tentukan. 100 juta/5% = 20
  1. Tentukan nilai tingkatan yang kita prediksi bisa tembus. Misal kita mulai tingkatan pembelian dari harga 90 juta ke bawah dengan selisih harga 1 juta. Berarti kita set pembelian di market adalah: 1. posisi 90 juta beli 5 juta, 2. posisi 89 juta beli 5 juta, posisi 88 juta beli 5 juta, begitu seterusnya hingga 20 tingkatan dengan selisih 1 juta secara menurun. Anda bisa juga men setting harga pembelian di harga 85 juta ke bawah dengan selisih 1 juta.
  1. Teknik ini disarankan apabila harga bitcoin turun anda tidak kehilangan momenbeli, karena jika harga bitcoin turun maka  pembelian anda akan otomatis terselesaikan jika market mengenai harga settingan anda.

Setelah anda pasang jaring beli anda tinggal menunggu harga naik. Karena menurut prediksi dari beberapa sumber harga bitcoin akan mengalami siklus harga seperti tahun tahun sebelumnya yang mengalami kenaikan di akhir tahun.

Jadi anda sudah bisa melakukan pembelian bitcoin mulai sekarang pada harga 90 juta ke bawah. Simpan dalam beberapa bulan kedepan hingga akhir tahun untuk menunggu momen naik. Beberapa prediksi ahli akhir tahun bitcoin bisa mencapai 500 juta/BTC. Namun ini hanya prediksi bisa saja meleset.

Jika prediksi benar, bila bitcoin naik melewati angka 100 juta rupiah maka setidaknya anda akan mendapatkan keuntungan minimal 20% dari modal. Jika modal anda 100 juta maka akhir tahun aset anda bisa jadi mencapai 120 juta bahkan bisa lebih. Jika bitcoin di atas 150 juta maka keuntungan anda setidaknya ada pada kisaran 40-50 juta dari hasil simpan bitcoin untuk dijual pada akhir bitcoin.

Namun dari semua prediksi bisa saja prediksi prediksi ini akan meleset. Jika prediksi meleset anda harus siap menerima resiko. Jika melihat siklus tahunan bitcoin, setiap akhir tahun bitcoin mengalami kenaikan. Jadi semuanya bisa terjadi, siapkan saja mental anda untuk menajdi milioner.

Terima kasih selamat mencoba jika tertarik mengikuti saran dari kami. Salam sukses para trader bitcoin.


On this occasion I would like to discuss the excellent initial coin offer for your investment portfolio that is BUDDY, I will make a review for your faithful skyseventh website about this initial coin offer. My intent and purpose of discussing initial coin offerings are to take your consideration in taking your investment outcome.
In terms of making decisions in initial coins offers there are several things needed to see who the team and its advisors are, both see the project's sense or not, and check the social media of the team and its advisors need to send a message and talk about the project. This is a very important thing to Look for by people who want to participate in the initial coin offer.
You can do anything and make personal decisions, as a person who loves to write and change my personal name.

• Team with high execution skills, providing high-quality services to customers worldwide
• Extraordinary audit team displays the most famous ICO, expert
• 100-page white pages written in detail and well-made for non-developers to understand potential values and platforms
• Preliminary List at MBAex Exchange
• Existing products with well-known customers and companies
• Verified partnerships with market leaders: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Github & Docker
• The fast-growing market that VC is crazy about
• Embedded into the ecosystem

• For End Users:
More time to create, higher work convenience, more results with more, faster product delivery, simplified workflow, receiving fractions using advanced technology, eliminating tasks from daily work, further, bigger with lower costs, more tools needed, easy access to experts and knowledge, access to application innovation, quick access to services. applications, and APIs, faster feedback
• For Applications Creators:
Opportunities to push ahead, instant access to thousands of developers, service for convenience & better for Community, shipping & application costs, driving adoption
• For Blockchain Community:
Open, free to open-source, connect developers for better app & innovation, the introduction of Blockchain to everyday developers via Friend's cloud channel
• For Expert / Consultant / Auditor:
Automated processes, access to access, recognition, lower cost

• GRID Automation
The infrastructure is decentralized to run an unlimited number of tasks for application development
• DevOps Market
App store for developers by developers with solutions that automate application development
• BlockchainOps
Automation of both developments is made for smarter, better & faster Blockchain applications

BUDDY has worked with several big companies that are mutually beneficial, in order to satisfy to achieve BUDDY project is very easy to achieve. What else is a company that is already successful and has a lot of community will greatly help BUDDY success?

Token BUDDY is divided into several sales groups as has been introduced in the following table:

BUDDY has a solid team and the best in the art, nothing you want will be easily obtained whenever sales of initial coins that offer can be successful.

The BUDDY roadmap has been successfully executed and some will be done when the initial coin offer is made.

Buddy puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps
preliminary offer reviews I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to share investment portfolios in initial coin offerings.
For more info you can visit the following sites:

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On this occasion I would like to discuss an excellent initial coin offering to include in your investment portfolio AENCO, I will try to make a review for you loyal readers skyseventh website about this initial coin offering. My intent and purpose to discuss the initial coin offering areas your consideration in making your investment decision.

In terms of taking the decision to join the initial coin offering, there are some things that must be considered first see who the team and advisory, both see project reasonable or not, and the third check social media team and advisory if necessary send a message media and ask about the project. These three things are very important to know by everyone who wants to join this initial coin offering.

Apart from that all that you do and connect it all into your personal decisions, I was a scribe just reminded and as a matter of personal reflection.

HealthTech Challenges & Opportunities

Lack of a strong financial ecosystem for HealthTech's innovation
High entry barriers and burdensome burdens in fundraising.
Few options for start-ups require a one-stop-shop smart-capital solution
Lack of credible and globally accredited standards for ICO best practices

The urgent need for a disruptive and sustainable medical innovation
Increased demand for entrepreneurship and medical technology
Ongoing needs for deep impact solutions, such as disease care and prevention.
The maturity of the growing blockchain technology has democratized fundraising.

Aenco Ecosystem Solutions

IB AENCO Solutions
ICO Integrity Program for HealthTech Projects and Communities
Trade Exchange for HealthTech Participants
Research and Sustainable Data Analysis for Customers and Issuers

AENCO Prime Solutions
Aenco Platform Period Prime Decentralized
AENCO Smartcap Solutions
Technology-driven Finance Platform for the HealthTech Industry Alternative Financing
Legal and Regulatory Framework
Aenco Legal Framework
The launch of 3-Generation Technology

The first generation
AEN Connect: Smart wallet with "Aenco Wallet App" function
2nd Generation
Aenco IB Solutions - Gate / ICO platform
Smart wallet / Vault enhancement
AENX: Trade exchange developed at home
UX / UI app for the multi-service HeathTech platform
3rd Generation
Aenco Prime Solutions / Aenco Smartcap solution - a prime broker service platform decentralized
Blockchain enables reporting of Custodian + service settlement, completion, marginalization, and cleanup based on Blockchain

Robotic Surgical Equipment
• Priority Access and Discounts for Surgical Procedures and Technologies:
• Access to advanced surgical and surgical procedures;
• Discounts on purchases or leases of medical equipment;
• Patented ownership, licensing, and intellectual property sub-licenses MedTech.
Real Estate Medical (Labs / Clinic)
• Priority Access and Discounts on Special Facilities and Services:
• Use of research facilities for qualified users;
• Priority care and medical services from clinical tissues;
• Ownership lent or leased medical real estate.

AENCO has worked with several big companies that benefit each other, so as to achieve the success of the AENCO project is very easy to achieve. What's more a company that has already succeeded in having a large community of people will greatly help AENCO's success?

AENCO tokens are divided into groups as described in the following table:

AENCO has a solid team and the best in the field, so what is expected achievement will be obtained easily what if the sale of initial coin offering can be successful.

AENCO root map has been partially executed and part of it will be completed when the initial coin offering is made.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.

For more info you can visit the following sites:


Good evening friends this time I will discuss the initial coin offering has no important features and functions when compared to traditional fiat payment platform. At Monarch, our plan is to bridge the gap between space cryptocurrency and traditional market payments platform. Monarch Wallet is an all-inclusive app including cold wallets for proper cryptocurrency storage and hot wallets for instant transactions and unique payouts operability, such as subscription payments and installments plan. We want to bring the adoption of blockchain to speed with an all-in-one user experience for all your payments and portfolio management needs.

Monarch Token Vision And Mision
We believe that the ins and outs of cryptocurrency are barriers to entry for widespread adoption. Security, privacy and transmit cryptocurrency transaction speeds its traditional fiat counterpart. However, the complexity blockchain technology and a non-intuitive user interface keeping beginners receive cryptocurrency as a form payment. We believe in the current cryptocurrency payments choice platform for consumers and merchants

has no important features and functions when compared to traditional fiat payment platform. At Monarch, our plan is to bridge the gap between space cryptocurrency and traditional market payments platform. Monarch Wallet is an all-inclusive app
including cold wallets for proper cryptocurrency storage and hot wallets for instant transactions and unique payouts operability, such as subscription payments and installments plan. We want to bring the adoption of blockchain to speed with an all-in-one user experience for all your payments and portfolio management needs.

Monarch Exchange
Monarch Exchange will allow merchants and consumers to exchange cryptocurrencies on an internal platform,
with little effort. A 0.2% fee will be charged to the recipient of each transaction, but the user can use Monarch
Utility Token for 50% discount on trading fees, similar to BNB Finance tokens. Thus, the cost is reduced to
0.1% when paying with Monarch Utility Tokens (MT).
As regulatory guidelines permit, we plan to integrate fiat support into the Monarch Exchange. Users will be able to
easily trading traditional cryptocurrency and fiat (both for buying and selling).
Payment Management
Monarch payment management will actually revolutionize payments for multiple industries. Specifically, we are
the unique payment/payment plan structure will have an impact on various industries. Not only will Monarch
ecosystems support peer-to-peer transactions but also business-to-consumer payments. Industry in need
recurring payments include:
• Payroll
• Rent / Mortgage
• Utilities
• Video services (HBO, Netflix, YouTube Red, CBS all Access)
• Music services (Apple Music, Spotify)
• Newsletter (Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC)
• Donation (Patreon)

Monarch Security Token vs. Monarch Utility Token
In the current regulatory environment, it’s more important than ever to distinguish between security and utility tokens. If a token derives its value from an external/tradeable asset, it is classified as a security token. Utility tokens, also called User Tokens, represent future access to a company’s product or service. [9] Because of its complex ecosystem, Monarch and its users all benefit from having a two-token system. The Monarch Security Token (MTS) will be backed by silver assets, therefore classifying it as a security. 

Just as BINANCE created BNB Tokens for a 50% discount on its exchange fees, Monarch Utility Token (MT) offers a similar mechanism to its users. Monarch Security Token (MTS) - Total Supply 500 Million Tokens • 50% dividends distributed to MTS Holders via Monarch’s hot wallet • 10% of Token Generation Funds raised will be used to buy silver assets • 10% of consumer-to-merchant transaction fees will continuously be used to purchase silver until every security token is backed by 1 oz of silver • 1-to-1 airdrop of Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) post-Token Generation Event • 500 million Utility Tokens will be airdropped in a 1-to-1 ratio to MTS Holders • Limited to Accredited Investors Only Monarch Utility Token (MT) - Total Supply 1 Billion Tokens • 50% discount on Monarch Exchange trading fees • 50% discount on consumer-to-merchant transaction fees • Medium for MTS dividend distribution

The Monarch Hot Wallet allows users to transact instantly and enables them to send recurring payments inside the Monarch ecosystem. The Monarch hot wallet also integrates with Merchant plug-ins for content management systems like WordPress and Wix. 50% of all Monarch Hot Wallet transaction fees will be distributed to MTS holders in the form of Monarch Utility Tokens (MT). All coins that are listed in the Monarch Hot Wallet will have a pairing on the Monarch Exchange. (for example, BTC/MT and ETH/MT will be listed on the Monarch Exchange). Once a week, 50% of all transactions fees will be exchanged for Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) inside the Monarch Exchange and distributed proportionally to all holders of Monarch Security Token (MTS). 

Example: If 1000 BTC was transacted in the Monarch Hot Wallet ecosystem in the last week at a fee of 2%, then there will be 20 BTC in total transaction fees. 50% of the total transactions of 20 BTC will be distributed among MTS Holders. The 10 Bitcoin collected from the transactions fees will be used to buy Monarch Utility Tokens in the Monarch Exchange and then distributed among MTS Holders. Additionally, 10% of the 20 BTC collected as transaction fees will be used to buy silver as an asset backing behind the Monarch Security Token. This leaves 40% of the transactions fees to promote development for Monarch. The Monarch Dividend Structure will promote usage and growth inside the ecosystem. Transacting Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) inside the Hot Wallet infrastructure will give users a 50% discount on transaction fees when used with merchants and completely free when transacted peer-to-peer. 

Monarchtoken is supported by large and successful companies such as Bancor network, Genesis vision, and others.


For distribution of MONARCH tokens are divided into several distribution groups as described in the following table:

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.
For more info you can visit the following sites:

Monday, July 2, 2018


On this occasion I will discuss an initial coin offering that will inspire the world of world pollution awareness, I think the initial coin offering this time is more to think about solving the problem of pollution in this world and effective solutions for the future of future generations. Talking about investments is undoubtedly a good problem solving and inspiring the eyes of the world. Immediately prepare your portfolio to invest in the initial coin offering cycle.

The reason why you should invest in CyClean are:
1. Experienced team member at famous initial coin offering
2. The project makes sense
3. Problem-solving that inspires the eyes of the world

The exhaust fumes are a serious problem and the numbers speak
1. About 1.2 billion cars are on the road around the world, using harmful gases
2. 12 bikes are the ones sold in the world
3. 53,000 deaths in the US and 5,000 deaths in the UK per year alone due to air pollution

A study by the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine tracked 146,397 people, 77 percent of whom were children younger than 2 who had hospitalized infections and clinics in Utah because of air pollution. Our young people are vulnerable to the threat of air pollution.

 A study by the Lancet Planetary Health found that the risk of fractures among people over age 65 increased steadily because of the level of air pollution - in particular, materials smaller than 2.5 micrometers, or 2.5 PM - rose. Rates are almost 5 percent higher in areas with the highest PM PM concentrations compared to those with the lowest.

1. Long-term use Replacement of oil-based motor vehicles with electric vehicles
2. Provide clean energy modularly
3. Integrate green sports into the platform

1. Combat Smoke Exhaust
2. Promote Clean Energy
3. Promote Green Sports
How Does CyClean Work To Expand?
Rent CyClean products with CyClean coins, Earn CyClean coins with CyClean products, Be part of the complete cycle. Users will be able to rent CyClean products (ranging from in-door bicycles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, and ESS solar energy units) and then get emissions (such as mining) to use the product (based on KM passed, or KWatts produced).

This is a reward for replacing exhaust fumes and previous energy production methods. Such an approach not only motivates a large group of people to combat environmental problems, but also promotes long-term use that will have a noticeable effect. All this is possible with smart contract features. The weight of CyClean vehicles will vary; for example, CyClean cars will mine more green emissions compared to CyClean indoor bicycles.

Vernacular Cryptocurrency Ecosystem-JPAY PLATFORM

CyClean platform intends to generate synergy within JPAY platform as a special purpose platform. JPAY platform is based on a 2 layered coin system which solved the problems of 1) fluctuating price, 2) confirmation time delay for payment system of the cryptocurrency market. Based on this vernacular and flexible blockchain system, JPAY platform encompasses game, e-commerce, cryptocurrency exchange, offline exchange combined with crypto-mecca, MVNO smartphone business, JPAY Kiosk system, JPAY machine, and JPAY member stores business. The CyClean platform seeks synergy within such comprehensive platform and operates airdrop event for the possession of JPAY based on announced schedules. CyClean Platform will uphold rental services based on smart contract feature, MVNO services, JPAY machine utilizations within JPAY Platform.


The CyClean coin is integrated with JPAY platform which is already implemented and being used as cryptocurrency payment system across all of South Korea. Within this platform, the CyClean coin is used to pay the mobile service fee, the rental fee for electric bicycle, electric motorbike, ESS sunlight panel unit, JPAY machine, JPAY Kiosk, and indoor health bike based on its smart contract feature. 

Supported by an experienced team to improve the quality of CyClean initial coin offering, so it's possible that initial coin offering succeeds when launching in the market.

Initial coin offering CyClean has worked with well-known companies and has been successful with the projects, so CyClean's initial coin offering is great for long-term investing. Immediately have a portfolio in CyClean's initial coin offering by considering the reviews I have presented.


that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.
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The initial coin offering a depository network is very different from other initial coin offerings because it is supported by an outstanding team and the best in its field, which is why the initial coin that offers the depository network is very easy to achieve success. That will make world-class investors interested in investing in this depository network. So for those of you who have more funds to invest do not forget to include your portfolio to invest in a depository network.

our vision and mission

We do believe that cryptocurrencies are futuristic assets. By building and
spreading the DEPO multi-platform network globally, our aim is to reach
a tipping point for mass adoption of using blockchain assets in traditional lending.

Depository Network will provide a secure, decentralized crypto asset collateral system upon which hundreds of collateral depository platforms can be built

Therefore, our product is enabling all the cryptocurrency holders who possess coins supported by our platform to be eligible to get a secured loan from a certified bank
or credit institution using the Depository Network system.

                                                    Main Objectives Solution
Create the world’s first decentralized multi-platform collateral network combining traditional lending and blockchain technology

Provide cryptographic security of assets to both the lender and the borrower using smart contracts and multi-signature accounts

Enable cryptocurrency owners to get a loan but still keep their assets

Use a system for direct and flexible contract communication between the
lender and the borrower

                                                   The Problems We are Solving

Cryptocurrencies and token adoption
by credit institutions By making an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate innovative blockchain-based system, we aim to help P2P lending platforms, banks, and credit institutions adopt cryptocurrencies and make them part of their business strategy and development

The borrower still possesses all
of his/her coins Our system uses cryptographically-secure multi-signature wallets and smart contracts, and the borrower always has one of the keys for signing a transaction.

Flexibility Token
Many cryptocurrency and token holders need to have the flexibility to acquire fast, fiat currency

Our platform removes the need for state-owned, centralized depositories and allows any lending institution to build independent depositories within the system. We combine traditional lending and blockchain technology

                                                  How It Works Depository Network
The crypto owner (borrower) signs a contract with a P2P lending platform, bank, or credit institution (lender) for receiving a certain amount of fiat money as a loan and provides his/her crypto coins/tokens as collateral.

The Depository Network system creates a smart contract (for smart contract-enabled systems) or multi-signature address (for coins without smart contract support), and the borrower must send the negotiated amount of coins to that contractor address respectively. As soon as the coins are received and confirmed, the lender provides the requested loan to the borrower.

After the loan is paid back by the borrower to the lender, a transaction is initiated with a wallet provided by the borrower. Either the lender or depository network representative can provide the required signatures in order to sign and send the transaction.  The borrower repays the loan to the lender according to their contract.

                                                        Volatility Management
 In case of the price drop of the assets below certain value described in the lender-borrower contract the lender provide
an option to the borrower - whether to sell the assets or the lender to provide more funds to the lender

                                                        Other and the new Cases
As one of the signatures in the smart contract/multi-signature wallet is held by the Depository Network if there is
a case that is not directly solved by the contract and there is no mutual agreement, the Depository Network team
will review the case and advise or act in order to create the appropriate solution.

                                                            ICO DISTRIBUTION
Token functions
Tokens will be used for lenders' annual membership.

No membership is required from borrowers. The borrower will pay small fees for deposit collateral in every case.

                                                                   The Team
Our team gathers top-notch professionals, highly experienced in all fields necessary for the successful running of
the project. Among them are blockchain specialists, lawyers, finance professionals, collateral specialists, business
development and marketing experts.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.

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