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good morning, how's it hanging with you? I trust my companions are for the most part fine and dependable in the wealth of bounteous sustenance.

On this event, I will talk about an exceptionally initial coin offering proposal for every one of my companions, to be specific starting coin offering diamond rewards.

initial coin offering rec center prizes itself is extraordinary to take after if companions have more cash to put resources into here.

Why? the accompanying subtle elements.


The GYM Rewards venture comprises of a whole answer for help getting paid for working out.

From the Blockchain that backings Proof of Exercise to the GYM Rewards Exchange for recreation centers and different accomplices to come and trade GYM Tokens.

There is no compelling reason to sit tight for trades to help GYM and there is no compelling reason to go out on a limb of stalling out with pointless tokens.

Why the Blockchain?

When we began considering our venture we made the thing as a top priority. What would we be able to do as such the enormous mining ranches quit getting the greater part of the pieces of the pie?

The principle reason we as a whole love digital currency is that it skirts the mediator,

what's more, since we figured we would have the capacity to really dispose of them out of line appropriation of cash.

Enormous mining ranches have shown us that he who has the most cash can profit, much the same as in most our corporate social orders.

This is the place GYM Rewards comes in. We will have the principal digital money that might be minable by our bodies.

We are on the whole equivalent, the main thing that will separate who possesses more cash will be estimated by the sweat of our activities.

what is a rec center prizes arrangement?

Rec center Rewards at Athletic Events

Effectively turn into an occasion chief and profit by submitting occasions. (marathons, marathons, and so forth.)

Present the occasion to the GYM Regards site for endorsement.

Advance GYM Rewards at the occasion and enable members to download the application by means of your referral QRCode.

Win 0.5% of all members earned digital money.

Continue gaining from that point on those members work out.

Rec center Rewards at your nearby GYM

Effectively present your nearby GYM for endorsement. Your nearby GYM isn't a member? Incredible news for you,

you can turn into its support and profit from the majority of its mining.

Present your neighborhood rec center to the GYM Regards site for endorsement.

Advance GYM Rewards at the rec center and enable members to download the application by means of your referral QRCode. (Indication: Wear a shirt with the QRCode)

Procure 0.5% off all members earned digital currency.

Continue procuring from that point on those members work out.

Our App

Track your activities and benefits with our GYM App utilizing the present driving wellbeing gadgets.

A definitive objective of GYM is to be the across the board answer for pay competitors for their activity,

give the wallet to deal with their income and streamline their activity schedules.

- Heart rate observing

- Exercise log

- Cryptocurrency Wallet

Exercise earnings are based on (POE) Proof of work exercising. This means the less amount you can earn,

there more valuable the tokens will become. These are the initial estimates:

Running 10 minutes: .1666667 GYMs per Minute.

Running 1 hour: 10 GYMs per hour.

Username bounty have: ilhamjay

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