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The initial coin offering a depository network is very different from other initial coin offerings because it is supported by an outstanding team and the best in its field, which is why the initial coin that offers the depository network is very easy to achieve success. That will make world-class investors interested in investing in this depository network. So for those of you who have more funds to invest do not forget to include your portfolio to invest in a depository network.

our vision and mission

We do believe that cryptocurrencies are futuristic assets. By building and
spreading the DEPO multi-platform network globally, our aim is to reach
a tipping point for mass adoption of using blockchain assets in traditional lending.

Depository Network will provide a secure, decentralized crypto asset collateral system upon which hundreds of collateral depository platforms can be built

Therefore, our product is enabling all the cryptocurrency holders who possess coins supported by our platform to be eligible to get a secured loan from a certified bank
or credit institution using the Depository Network system.

                                                    Main Objectives Solution
Create the world’s first decentralized multi-platform collateral network combining traditional lending and blockchain technology

Provide cryptographic security of assets to both the lender and the borrower using smart contracts and multi-signature accounts

Enable cryptocurrency owners to get a loan but still keep their assets

Use a system for direct and flexible contract communication between the
lender and the borrower

                                                   The Problems We are Solving

Cryptocurrencies and token adoption
by credit institutions By making an easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate innovative blockchain-based system, we aim to help P2P lending platforms, banks, and credit institutions adopt cryptocurrencies and make them part of their business strategy and development

The borrower still possesses all
of his/her coins Our system uses cryptographically-secure multi-signature wallets and smart contracts, and the borrower always has one of the keys for signing a transaction.

Flexibility Token
Many cryptocurrency and token holders need to have the flexibility to acquire fast, fiat currency

Our platform removes the need for state-owned, centralized depositories and allows any lending institution to build independent depositories within the system. We combine traditional lending and blockchain technology

                                                  How It Works Depository Network
The crypto owner (borrower) signs a contract with a P2P lending platform, bank, or credit institution (lender) for receiving a certain amount of fiat money as a loan and provides his/her crypto coins/tokens as collateral.

The Depository Network system creates a smart contract (for smart contract-enabled systems) or multi-signature address (for coins without smart contract support), and the borrower must send the negotiated amount of coins to that contractor address respectively. As soon as the coins are received and confirmed, the lender provides the requested loan to the borrower.

After the loan is paid back by the borrower to the lender, a transaction is initiated with a wallet provided by the borrower. Either the lender or depository network representative can provide the required signatures in order to sign and send the transaction.  The borrower repays the loan to the lender according to their contract.

                                                        Volatility Management
 In case of the price drop of the assets below certain value described in the lender-borrower contract the lender provide
an option to the borrower - whether to sell the assets or the lender to provide more funds to the lender

                                                        Other and the new Cases
As one of the signatures in the smart contract/multi-signature wallet is held by the Depository Network if there is
a case that is not directly solved by the contract and there is no mutual agreement, the Depository Network team
will review the case and advise or act in order to create the appropriate solution.

                                                            ICO DISTRIBUTION
Token functions
Tokens will be used for lenders' annual membership.

No membership is required from borrowers. The borrower will pay small fees for deposit collateral in every case.

                                                                   The Team
Our team gathers top-notch professionals, highly experienced in all fields necessary for the successful running of
the project. Among them are blockchain specialists, lawyers, finance professionals, collateral specialists, business
development and marketing experts.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.

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