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On this occasion I would like to discuss an excellent initial coin offering to include in your investment portfolio AENCO, I will try to make a review for you loyal readers skyseventh website about this initial coin offering. My intent and purpose to discuss the initial coin offering areas your consideration in making your investment decision.

In terms of taking the decision to join the initial coin offering, there are some things that must be considered first see who the team and advisory, both see project reasonable or not, and the third check social media team and advisory if necessary send a message media and ask about the project. These three things are very important to know by everyone who wants to join this initial coin offering.

Apart from that all that you do and connect it all into your personal decisions, I was a scribe just reminded and as a matter of personal reflection.

HealthTech Challenges & Opportunities

Lack of a strong financial ecosystem for HealthTech's innovation
High entry barriers and burdensome burdens in fundraising.
Few options for start-ups require a one-stop-shop smart-capital solution
Lack of credible and globally accredited standards for ICO best practices

The urgent need for a disruptive and sustainable medical innovation
Increased demand for entrepreneurship and medical technology
Ongoing needs for deep impact solutions, such as disease care and prevention.
The maturity of the growing blockchain technology has democratized fundraising.

Aenco Ecosystem Solutions

IB AENCO Solutions
ICO Integrity Program for HealthTech Projects and Communities
Trade Exchange for HealthTech Participants
Research and Sustainable Data Analysis for Customers and Issuers

AENCO Prime Solutions
Aenco Platform Period Prime Decentralized
AENCO Smartcap Solutions
Technology-driven Finance Platform for the HealthTech Industry Alternative Financing
Legal and Regulatory Framework
Aenco Legal Framework
The launch of 3-Generation Technology

The first generation
AEN Connect: Smart wallet with "Aenco Wallet App" function
2nd Generation
Aenco IB Solutions - Gate / ICO platform
Smart wallet / Vault enhancement
AENX: Trade exchange developed at home
UX / UI app for the multi-service HeathTech platform
3rd Generation
Aenco Prime Solutions / Aenco Smartcap solution - a prime broker service platform decentralized
Blockchain enables reporting of Custodian + service settlement, completion, marginalization, and cleanup based on Blockchain

Robotic Surgical Equipment
• Priority Access and Discounts for Surgical Procedures and Technologies:
• Access to advanced surgical and surgical procedures;
• Discounts on purchases or leases of medical equipment;
• Patented ownership, licensing, and intellectual property sub-licenses MedTech.
Real Estate Medical (Labs / Clinic)
• Priority Access and Discounts on Special Facilities and Services:
• Use of research facilities for qualified users;
• Priority care and medical services from clinical tissues;
• Ownership lent or leased medical real estate.

AENCO has worked with several big companies that benefit each other, so as to achieve the success of the AENCO project is very easy to achieve. What's more a company that has already succeeded in having a large community of people will greatly help AENCO's success?

AENCO tokens are divided into groups as described in the following table:

AENCO has a solid team and the best in the field, so what is expected achievement will be obtained easily what if the sale of initial coin offering can be successful.

AENCO root map has been partially executed and part of it will be completed when the initial coin offering is made.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.

For more info you can visit the following sites:

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