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Hi everyone, meet me again here, For today I would like to discuss an excellent initial coin offering to be included in your investment consideration that is 4NEW. To make friends easy in making decisions I will try to make a review for you loyal readers skyseventh website about this initial coin offering from various aspects of excellence and disadvantages. My intent and purpose for reviewing the initial coin offering areas your consideration in making your investment decision.
In terms of making decisions and joining the initial coin offering, there are several things that must be considered include the following: the first seen who the team and advisor experienced or not. Second, see the project makes sense or not at all and the three check social media team and advisory if necessary send a message to him and ask about his project. The above three things are very important to be known by everyone who wants to participate in the initial coin offering.
Therefore, reviewing it before participating in the initial coin offering is necessary to minimize the possibility of an initial coin offering failed or even fraud.

A blockchain-based ecosystem in which energy generated by a renewable, renewable or nonrenewable power plant or Waste to Energy technology, is applied to digital assets, digital protocols or smart contracts for delivery to cryptocurrency mining.

Digital assets or smart contracts will act as a measure of the amount of electricity consumed to produce 1 unit of cryptocurrency mined. The power plant serves as the main node where all the electrical output of several power plants flows in a centralized or decentralized general ledger that flows into the value of electricity to various mining farms globally.


We throw 2.12 billion tonnes of global waste every year, growing 3% annually - this means we will double our waste production in 25 years.

The world's energy supply is about 80 percent dependent on fossil fuel energy. The IEA predicts an increase in global energy demand of 50-60% and a 50% increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The growth of crypto-mining energy consumption is exponential. As of March 31, 2018, 1 Bitcoin transaction spends as much as 30.5 US households during the day, this is a 500% increase since September 2017.

                                                       EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS

Each of our factories takes 50,000-100,000 tons of waste annually, processing it with environmentally friendly methods, to create electricity. Gate costs offset plant operating costs, allowing for free electricity production.

The electricity we produce is constant, year-round, and can be adapted to any location by human activity. Electricity is sold to national networks or applied to operate mining processes at on-site mining quarries

4NEW is the world's first eco-friendly environmental blockchain ecosystem powered by waste for power generation. The 4New ecosystem will provide a blockchain platform that will enable decentralized, peer to peer transactions where energy production can directly meet global energy consumption.

                                               We are the energy producer,
                                           Not an energy exchange platform.

The Waste to Energy (WTE) power plant serves as a dynamic solution with a history of over 115 years to address two social & environmental crises; Excess Waste & Lack of Energy. In addition, other renewable energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Hydro all depend on the availability of natural resources; garbage is available everywhere. Revenue generated from wastewater treatment operates the plant on a break-even point. Therefore, the energy produced is free. This free energy can be sold to the national network or consumed.

Waste Process Best
With two operations Waste for power generation Energy generates 10 megawatts per hour and a third site identified for operational launch in 2019, 4NEW is positioned to activate the blockchain ecosystem with mining this summer. Production finally meets Consumption.

Support of qualified partners is essential to enhance corporate openness, With a wide range of partnerships 4NEW has worked with several big companies that benefit all parties for mutual cooperation, so to target the success of the 4NEW project is very easy to achieve. What's more, the company that has been successful already has a lot of community, of course, will greatly help the success of 4NEW?

For the distribution of 4NEW tokens is divided into several distribution groups as described in the following table:

Token sales will be divided into several parts of sales to increase and the exclusivity of the sale itself. In terms of a very good marketing strategy applied in the following table:

All the more easy to do especially 4NEW have a solid team and the best in their field, therefore what is expected in the achievement will be obtained easily what if the sale of initial coin offering can be successful and of course we hope success.

The 4NEW roadmap has been successfully executed in half and part of it will be completed once the initial coin offering has been successfully done.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.
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