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Hi everyone, see me again here. For today I would like to discuss an initial coin offering that is very good to put into consideration your investment, TRAVELER. In order to make friends easily in making decisions, I will try to make a review for you loyal readers of the Skyseventh website about this initial coin offering from various aspects of its advantages and disadvantages. My intent and purpose in reviewing the initial coin offering is your consideration in making your investment decision.
In terms of making decisions and joining the initial coin offering, there are several things that must be considered include the following: the first seen who the team and advisor experienced or not. Secondly, seeing the project make sense or not at all and third check the social media team and advisor if necessary send a message to him and ask about the project. The three things above are very important to be known by anyone who wants to participate in the initial coin offering.

Therefore reviewing it before participating in the initial coin offering is very necessary to minimize the possibility of an initial coin offering failure or even fraud.
This time we will discuss an initial coin offering TRAVELER, which is a traveling traveler project focusing on facilitating people who will travel by providing all the needs for people who are traveling only on a platform. Needs provided ranging from airlines, hotels, taxis, and others.

Big Savings when we use purchasing power

We collect the best prices from over 25 of the largest B2B travel buyers on the planet! By using TVLR Token, we can give you a price that is not available on other OTA sites. Your TRVL Token is always worth $ 1.00 regardless of what you pay for it.

Token Wallet
59% of travel-related travels come from those aged 35-64 years. (Bing, 2016)
The share of cellular travel bookings has grown by 1,700% between 2011 and 2015. (Frederic Gonzalo, 2016)
The Global MMGY Survey of American Tourist Surveys found that 9.5 million Millennials of America intended to spend 19% more
holidays during 2017 and for travel 35% more than the previous year.

Crypto Stakeholder (Source CoinDesk)
60% of Bitcoin holders are 25-44 years old.
85% of crypto investors now keep most or all of their currency in mobile wallets.
49.8% of Bitcoin holders live in the US and earn between $ 50- $ 199K, making them a target audience rich infrequent travelers and adventure seekers.

This industry does not serve crypto-ready explorers
Online Travel Agents ("OTA" such as Expedia and Priceline do not serve Crypto Customers.) Traveler. com presents the same content and a much lower price to Crypto customers.

Your TVLR Token is always worth $ 1 on our site regardless of what you pay for it 
Traveler. com is the first travel platform optimized to receive Crypto for hotel bookings, vacation rentals, and flights. We will soon add Rental Car, Cruises and complete holiday packages like Safari and Tour.

TVLR Tokens will get the best deals for future travel
Your TVLR token will effectively buy the lowest priced net travel negotiated by the smartest wholesale buyers in the world. We will soon add a 30 to 60% Prime Class Business and Classes offer, as well as Car Hire, Tour, Cruise Ship and Safari Africa with 20 - 50% savings from the lowest price anywhere in the market.

Main Platform Features

Cloud-based travel with data stored in the blockchain.

Spend your Crypto on Travel
Use TVLR Tokens and other Crypto received to purchase the trip.

Token Wallet
Buy and Save TVLR safely and safely.

Have more funds for Travel
Earn more from your trip with 20-50% savings.

Traveler made the trip even better 
More Savings means More Travel
Take advantage of the smartest purchasing knowledge coupled with advanced technology that lets you get the lowest possible prices online for your trip while being able to spend your crypto in a safe and secure way. Buy TVLR Token and immediately use it on the site. Not waiting for anything to build.

Expand Cryptologic
For those who already understand the tremendous opportunities that Crypto is opening as well as those who come here to benefit from lower travel costs, we are happy and committed to bringing you the best travel deals anywhere in the world.

Grow Market
Traveler brings you Air and Hotel reservations from day 1. We will immediately add various other travel services including car rental, cruise ships, and safaris, as well as tours with extraordinary savings. When we build Blockchain-based solutions from our Supplier partners, we will increase the supply of this great offer and make it available exclusively on Traveler.

Secure Transaction
Good purchase of your TVLR Token and travel transactions on secure and private sites. Please read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. We will never share your data with or sell to any party.

Support of qualified partners is essential to enhance corporate openness, With extensive relationships, TRAVELER has worked with several big companies that benefit all parties for mutual cooperation, so to target the success of the TRAVELER project is very easy to achieve. What's more the company that has been successful already has a lot of community, of course, will greatly help the success of the TRAVELER?

For TRAVELER token distribution is divided into several distribution groups as described in the following table:

Token sales will be divided into several parts of sales to increase and the exclusivity of the sale itself. In the case of a very good marketing strategy applied in the following table:

All the more easy to do especially TRAVELER have a solid team and the best in their field, therefore what is expected in the achievement will be obtained easily what if the sale of initial coin offering can be successful and of course we hope success.

that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, can be useful for those of you who want to split investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.
For more info you can visit the following sites:

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