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Hi, buddy, meet with me again, on this occasion I want to discuss an initial coin offering that is very good to be included in your investment portfolio, UBEX. To make it easier for you all to make a decision, I will try to make a review for you loyal readers of the website Skyseventh about this initial coin offering from various perspectives in terms of investment. My intent and purpose in reviewing the initial coin offering is your consideration in making your investment decision.

To make a decision and join the initial coin offering there are several things that must be considered, the first is seen by the team and advisor. The second is to see the project make sense or not at all and the third check the social media team and advisor if necessary send a message to him and ask about the project. What I have mentioned above is very important to be known by everyone who wants to join this initial coin offering.
Apart from that, everything you do and decide everything becomes your personal decision, as someone who understands a little about the initial coin offering I just remind and as a matter of my personal reflection.
Ubex will eliminate brokers for advertisers and advertisers so advertising costs will be cheaper and more profitable for both publishers and advertisers.


To create a high global advertising ecosystem
the maximum level of reciprocity and efficiency.

1. Automatically interact with advertiser offerings and publisher websites
Using neural networks and accumulated data, select the most relevant ad content at a given time to certain users, thus maximizing the possibility of getting the desired results.
2. Significantly reduce the commission by getting rid of intermediaries
Eliminate all indirect links between advertisers and publishers by implementing smart contracts for all types of tracking, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of cooperation.
3. Create opportunities for publishers to authenticate ad slots
Use all available statistics from the website and participant advertisements in exchange, providing estimates of earning potential and opportunities to collect them first if the reputation is high enough.
4. Develop a multi-layered system of rating on platform participants' reputation
Implement an advertiser and publisher rating system, which will be stored on the blockchain along with a complete history of their operations, to prevent fraud and to allow the mechanism to handle the most trusted partners.

Publisher: problems and solutions
Publishers do not get enough revenue from their ad slot because of less than optimal sales
system. There are several barriers that prevent publishers from maximizing income and contributing
more funds to user engagement growth:
1. Low efficiency of algorithm purchase => Expenses that are not optimal for ad slots
Even in the case of high volumes of high-quality user traffic, whose profiles are ideal for advertisers, according to socio-demographic parameters and interests, publishers can experience problems with loading ad slots.
2. Inefficient targeting => Low number of targeted actions
Because of the imperfections of the targeting algorithm available on the market, with some rare. exceptions, advertisers are forced to adhere to the proverbial strategy of "shooting sparrows from cannons", trying to reach their target audience by a certain margin.
3. Lack of transparency on the part of advertisers => Problems not paying advertising fees
4. Underdevelopment of a monetization system for ad slots => Lack of alternative income sources
5. Inefficient targeting => Loss of part of ad traffic

Ubex ad exchanges will be located at and will be a convenient interface that will work with exchange services from PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Both are the main parts for advertisers and publishers will be presented on the website, the principles of interaction with those described below.

Ubex platform
The Ubex platform will provide many opportunities not only for publishers and advertisers but also for.
companies that require user data regression analysis. The nervous system nucleus, which is responsible.
to make decisions at all stages of the creative life cycle will have an API, access
that can be given to partner companies.
Blockchain decision-making behavior allows one to evaluate user data and make judgments
about user interest. This regression estimate can be used not only for display
advertising material but for other purposes too. The API will provide an opportunity to take the list of expected categories with estimates for each based on the query with user data.
Train the core of the system to get an estimate

With UBEX extensive relationship with several large companies that are mutually beneficial to all parties for cooperation, therefore to target the success of the UBEX project is very easy to achieve. What's more, a company that has already succeeded in having a large community, but it will help UBEX's success.

The distribution of UBEX tokens is divided into several distribution groups as described in the following table:

The token sales will be divided into several sales sections to increase and exclusivity of the sale itself. In the case of a very good marketing strategy applied in the following table:

Everything is easier to do, especially because UBEX has a solid team and the best in their field, therefore what is expected in the achievement will be easily obtained if sales of coin offering can be successful and of course we hope for success.

The UBEX Roadmap has been successfully implemented in half and part of it will be completed when the initial coin offering has been successfully carried out.
that initial offering review that I can convey, hopefully, will be useful for those who want to split an investment portfolio in the initial coin offering.

For more info you can visit the following sites:

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