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BIPS (MoneyBrain) - New Era of World Finance

Problems with Global Finance
Hello everyone, as we know that in 2008 there was a global financial crisis that affected people's distrust of financial institutions, world banks, and also the world government.

Today crypto is changing conventional money, the crypto ancestor that we know is that Bitcoin has experienced significant development. However, many entrepreneurs who seem to reject bitcoin for some reason like bitcoin are used as money laundering, bitcoin has no real value, and so on, making the price of bitcoin now down.

Crypto which is supposed to be a new era of global finance has begun to be polluted with negative issues with this virtual currency, so many people also lose confidence in cryptocurrency.

Solution from BIPS (MoneyBrain)
MoneyBrain was founded in 2000 which focuses on fintech will create finance and assets that are more open, transparent, fair and professional to the public.

By using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) MoneyBrain will create value towards BIPS tokens. When tokens are used as payments, trading is not only in the blockchain ledger but the network will have underlying resources and real-world stores of value through real property or assets. This will once again make the public have more confidence in the world of cryptocurrency.

Review for BIPS (MoneyBrain)

Please note that this review is purely from the results of my assessment of monyebrain, and not coercion from the moneybrain team.

BIPS (MoneyBrain) has received a high rating given by the ICO rating provider site (IcoBench), which is 4.8, where the rating is close to a perfect rating of 5.0.

In addition, BIPS (MoneyBrain) has a team that has experience in their fields based in the UK.

BIPS (MoneyBrain) also has several leading partners including: beeston shenton, Epiphany Capital, Metis Law, Equifaq, JustUs, and many others.

So, BIPS (MoneyBrain) is a clear company with a leading partner, this will make a BIPS (MoneyBrain) company successful in the future.

BIPS (MoneyBrain) Application

A smartphone application from BIPS will be launched in Q1 2019, by using the application you will find it easier to access the BIPS (MoneyBrain) platform. The application will be available on iOS and Android.

Advantages of BIPS Token from Other Tokens

By looking at the picture above you might have understood a little about the advantages of BIPS tokens rather than other tokens.

Yes, BIPS token holders will get a bonus every month which will increase the token value. So it will be very beneficial if you have a lot of BIPS tokens.

MoneyBrain Token Information
Symbol: BIPS
Total supply: 500,000,000 BIPS
Tokens network: Ethereum (ERC 20)

Just like the sale of other tokens, BIPS tokens will be sold in 2 phases, Pre-Sale and Public Sale.


  • Pre sale soft cap: 100 ETH
  • Pre sale hard cap: 50,000 ETH
  • Pre sale Price: 1 ETH: 1000 BIPS                                                   1 BIPS: £ 0.01
  • Pre sale bonus: November 50%                                                     December 25%                                                     January 10%

Public Sale
The public sale will begin after Pre Sale ends precisely in Q1 2019. And 350,000,000 BIPS tokens will be sold on Public sale.

Information About BIPS (MoneyBrain)
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BIPS (MoneyBrain) - New Era of World Finance
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