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FST Network - Make Blockchain User Friendly

The Problem
Hello everyone, it cannot be denied that the era has changed significantly, first where communication was done with letters now can be done with smartphones, first where working on work place now can be done at home through the internet "TECHNOLOGY CHANGES EVERYTHING" becomes instant.

Today many people are definitely familiar with BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, where the blockchain technology is predicted to be a technology for the future of humans.

BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology is predicted to be used in all aspects such as business, finance, medical, insurance, cryptocurrency, energy, supply chain, hotels, and others.

However, today there are still many people who don't know what the benefits of blockchain technology and how they use them to help their lives.

Solution from FST Network
You don't need to hire an engineer to help you use blockchain technology. The FST Network will help you use blockchain technology without having to hire an engineer who will spend your money.

FST Network will build a Layer 3 architecture over various protocols, complementing the underlying layer technology with the help of modules. FST Network is also compatible with different protocols, supports a variety of business needs, accelerates the application of Blockchain technology.

In addition, with products from FST Network, namely Module Kits, SHeX, Tokeneden, and also Enso, it will help your company deliver blockchain technology.

Useful of FST Network in the Future
Blockchain technology can be applied in various aspects of human life such as: Finance, business, cryptocurrency, supply chain, hotel, medical, insurance, energy, and others.

If Blockchain is a technology that people need in the future, FST Network will help you to understand blockchain technology and use it.

By understanding blockchain technology it will help your work be faster, safer, and smarter.

My Opinions About FST Network
Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion about the FST Network platform and there is no element of coercion from the FST Network team.

In my opinion, FST Network is a promising innovation with all the vision, mission and products they will launch.

The first mission of FST Network is to eliminate the problem of the lack of Blockchain developers and improve
utilization of Blockchain technology.

When Blockchain becomes a commonly used and mature technology, FST Network will eventually become a mature environment and more technology can be integrated, for example: IoT, Artificial
Deep Intelligence and Learning.

FST Token
The FST Token is used as the primary payment so that you can access the FST Network Module service and also allow FST token holders to operate in the FST Network ecosystem.

Token type: Utility
Token networks: Ethereum (ERC20 compatible)
Symbol: FST

Private Sale
The Private Sale will be launched in mid-December 2019. 30% of the total supply will be used for private sales.

Public Sale
So far the FST Network has yet to announce the official date of the public sale of the FST Network token. So I will wait for news or announcements directly from the FST Network.

About FST Network
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FST Network - Make Blockchain User Friendly
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